Fiber Management Cabinet (FMG)

Flexible Design with precise dimension for all Telecommunication applications.
Superior solution for Fiber Cables Management.
Extremely high packaging density & efficient cable management. Fiber management is provided on both sides of the Mounting Angles. Wide Range of Splice, Patch & Cable Storage Options.
Meeting requirements of under-Base Cable entry ventilation and prevention.
Loading Capacity:
Static Loading: 500 Kg
Cold Rolled Steel 2.0 mm for main frame and 1.2 mm for others
Can be equipped with Mounting Angles in both Designs 19" and Metric    , ,
Surface Finish: 
Holes Standards.
Mounting Angles are Full Height and can be adjusted in position to accommodate 19" instruments or 21" instruments.
FMG Rack is offered with Standard Dimensions of the Rack : 900 Width x 300 Depth .
Easy removable Side Doors for better Cable accessibility. Side Doors equipped with Dual Locks.

Magna FMG