Research and Development

Research and Development

Tech Line consider effective research and development process is important to the growth of our business. Research and development helps us meet the changing needs of our customers and stay ahead of competitors by introducing new products and improving existing ones. We have established a dedicated research, design and development operations department where we create innovative products assessing the customer and modern needs.


Customer Needs

As process, we assess the needs of our industry and also review sales of our existing product range. We consistently contact our customers for their current requirements and try to tailor the solution accordingly. This research helps identify opportunities and priorities for our research and development program.



We set objectives for research and development. Developing a new product that will enable us to enter growing market sectors or meet customer needs more effectively may provide a more attractive return than updating existing products for sectors where demand is static or falling. Our objective is to improve the existing product range, set performance targets for the new versions.



Once the objectives were set, a formal project management process with key review is set up and launches dates to keep our research and development program on track. The research and development phase ends when the product is ready for production. In the later stages of the program, the emphasis is on manufacturing, distribution and marketing activities. We hold project meetings to assess initial ideas, evaluate proposals, test concepts, prepare the business case monitor costs and review progress.



Tech Line telecom had a research and development project team that includes staff with skills in technical, engineering, Designing, manufacturing. The team is equipped with the right tools to make the product from idea to realization.


The Technology We Use To Enhance Our Quality